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Mathias Hjorth-Rohde is pleased to present the workshops first edition of original prints, a suite of 7 new linocuts by artist Alexander Tovborg. ​ the edition is 7 individual motives of 12ex made on Rives 25O g by Arches. Each made of two plates and cut by the artist. ​


Tovborg’s latest works are portraits of his wife, Cæcilie Trier. She is portraited as she is—in the moment, in her own world, pregnant, present. There is an inherent feeling of focused energy in the work, which radiates from Trier, through the work, which radiates from Trier, through the work, filling the space. ​ Mathias Hjorth-Rohde and Alexander Tovborg havebeen working together since 2O16. ​ Alexander Tovborg (b.1983, Denmark) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2O1O. With solos at Overgaden (Copenhagen) and GL Strand (Copenhagen), Tovborg has shown at ARKEN (Ishøj), ARoS (Aarhus), IMMA Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), Spiritmuseum (Stockholm), Holstebro Kunstmuseum (Holstebro), KØS (Køge) among others. His works are represented in the public collections of Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), ARKEN (Ishøj), ARoS (Aar-hus), and Museet For Religious Kunst (Lemvig).


Mathias Hjorth-Rohde (b.1988, Denmark) was introduced to the endless possibilities in printmaking at Kunsthøjskolen (Holbæk). He continued his exploration of techniques as apprentice at masterprinter Jan Andersson/Steinprint litographic workshop. Back in CPH he worked for Tal R and David Shrigley among others at Schäfers Rammeværksted. In 2O19 he opened his own space and published his first edition: “sacrificial love”,2O2O with Alexander Tovborg.

Alexander Tovborg

kr 4.500,00Price
  • 12 ex. numbered and signed by the artist 

    Size 32,5cm x 45,5cm

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